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Cordless rechargeable Illumenator 1800 LED work light


Professional Cordless Rechargeable Work Light

The Illumenator 1800 is a bright, weatherproof, cordless, rechargeable work light designed specifically for tradesmen in tough work environments.

It has been engineered as a better alternative to traditional halogen work lights and provides many advantages over them.

Its low operating temperature won't burn users. Cordless operation eliminates power cord trip hazards and allows it to be used anywhere. Low battery voltage prevents shock hazards and keeps 110v outlets open for other tools.

With both 12v and 110v recharge included, it can be recharged at the office, on job sites or in your vehicle.


The Illumenator 1800 has many outstanding features not found in other lights

High intensity COB LEDs
1800 lumens of bright white light flood a 120 degree work area.

Cool operation
Traditional halogen work lights operate at a very high temperature which can burn users, melt items that come in contact with it, and make working in small areas very uncomfortable, or even dangerous, for users. The Illumenator runs cool. It will not burn users and does not increase temperatures even in tight work areas.

Cordless and rechargeable
The Illumenator is perfect for working on the road, at a construction site, in the field, or any other place where there is no electrical power.

Hands free use
The included floor stand provides hands free use and rotates over 180 degrees to hold the light exactly where you need it.

Weather resistant
The Illumentor is weather resistant for outdoor job site use.

The Illumenator's COB LEDs are are exceptionally durable and will not blow when dropped. In addition, its sturdy aluminum housing stands up well in tough working environments.

Tempered glass lens
Stays clear because it resists scratching, is easy to clean, and is chemical resistant.

Environmentally friendly
Rechargeable batteries save money and reduce waste.

Safety yellow
Makes light easy to see even when off.

Instant on in any weather
The Illumenator lights instantly at full intensity even in extreme cold.

Illumenator tripod stand with one light

Optional Tripod Stand Available

Includes channeled cross bar to hold either one or two lights.

Adjustable from 27"-59"

Riveted pivot points with bushings for strength and durability

Small footprint when retracted for easy carrying

Illumenator 1800 tripod stand with two lights

12v and 110v Recharge Included With Built In Battery Protection Features to Ensure Long Battery Life

Long lasting lithium battery
Like a cell phone, it can be recharged at any time and in any amount

Automatic shut off
Protects battery by preventing complete discharge

Microprocessor controlled recharge
Prevents battery overcharge to maximize battery life

Recharge indicator
Indicates when battery is being charged and changes color when battery is fully charged

Automatic shutoff warning
Charge level indicator flashes when light approaches automatic shut off, notifying users before it goes dark

Level indicator
Warns users when battery level approaches automatic shut off

12 volt recharger for PODLight Illumenator 1800 Included 12v recharger allows charging in any automotive cigarette lighter
110v recharger for PODlight Illumenator 1800 Powerful 2,000 mA,110v wall charger has double the output of most rechargers and can operate the light if its battery is dead
Battery level indicator for PODLight Illumenator 1800 Low battery warning changes color as level drops and flashes when approaching automatic shutoff

An important word about 110v rechargers
The Illumenator 1800 includes a powerful 2,000 mA 110v recharger. This is over 3x the 300 mA of typical rechargers. Of course this ensures much more rapid recharge. However, there is a more important reason that this is critical to know. The Illumenator can operate with dead batteries if plugged into the recharger and due to the high amperage of the recharger, it does not further discharge its battery. Without this feature, the batteries would be quickly destroyed when operated in this manner.

Everyone Needs an Illumenator
Although designed for professionals, many people enjoy the versatility of the Illumenator
  • Automotive Technicians
  • Campers
  • HVAC Techs
  • Wrecker Operators
  • Farmers
  • Snowmobilers
  • Car Owners
  • Hunters
  • Bikers
  • Electricians
  • Outdoorsmen
  • Truck Drivers
  • Firemen
  • Boaters
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Home Owners
  • Fishermen
Super bright cordless rechargeable LED work light - the PODLight Illumenator 1800


Size: 9"H x 7.5"W x 7.5"D
Weight: 4 lb.
Light intensity: 1800 lumens
Light angle: 120 degrees
Lens: tempered glass
LED: 18 cell COB
Housing: aluminum
Water resistant: for outdoor use
Floor stand: included
Tripod stand: optional, for either one or two lights

LED bulb life expectancy: 100,000 hr

Battery pack: 8800 mAh replaceable lithium ion
Duration: 3.5 hr
Max recharge time: 3.5 hr
Useable with partial charge: yes
Operates with power cord when battery dead: yes
Battery voltage: 9.4v
12 volt recharger: included
110v recharger: 2000 mA included
Automatic shutoff on low battery: yes
Low battery indicator: yes
Automatic shutoff warning: yes
Recharge level indicator: yes, on 110v charger
Microprocessor controlled recharge: yes
Click here for full spec sheet in PDF format


Wholesale inquiries welcome.

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