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The MiniPOD lights your way when the power goes out!

The MiniPOD has many built-in features that you may not notice. It has been engineered with details that are uncommon for this type of product.

Folding Hook

Hanging hook folds out of the way when light is not in use..

12 Volt Charger

Gives extended use of the MiniPOD. It will operate for days when plugged into a 12 volt automotive type cigarette lighter port.


Operates With Power Cord If Battery Is Dead

Both of the MiniPOD's power cords will operate the light when the batteries are dead. With other portable lights, you can not operate the light with the recharger.


Bright Yellow Color

The MiniPOD has bright yellow inserts in it's handle. These were designed to make it easier for people to see the MiniPOD and to help prevent them from forgetting it and leaving it somewhere (like under the hood of a car)!


Super Long Lasting Flashlight

The flashlight in the MiniPOD is designed for extremely long operation between recharges.


Innovative POD array in worklight

POD array provides a very bright, long lasting, focused beam.

Powerful Batteries

The double battery pack provides extended life between recharges. 8 hours as a worklight, over 12 hours as a flashlight, and over 24 hours as a flashing safety strobe.


Long Lasting LED Pods

The MiniPOD features extended life LEDs with a 100,000 hour life expectancy.


Super Energy Efficient

The MiniPOD is extremely energy efficient. It uses less than 3% of the energy required for a traditional 60 watt bulb. This is over a 97% energy cost savings!


Sure Grip Handle

Low gloss handle provides a good grip and helps reduce scratching if it comes in contact with painted surfaces.


Replaceable Batteries

The MiniPOD has replaceable batteries. Even lithium ion batteries wear out over time. Some portable lights require replacing the entire light when the batteries die.


Magnetic Holder Doubles as Desktop Holder

The wide base of the magnetic holder allows it to be used as a countertop holder for the MiniPOD. The design also allows 360 degree rotation.


Switch Can Be Found By Touch

The unique shape of the MiniPOD's handle allows users to locate the on-off switch even in total darkness.


Polycarbonate Lens

The clear lens is durable polycarbonate, like your eye glasses.


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