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The PODLight products including the PODLight 4., the MiniPOD, the MicroPOD, and the Illumenator 1800 are designed for easy sales. Their retail packaging and eye catching display box will generate excellent sales in any professional, retail, or end user environment.

The PODLight family of lights are delivered in attractive full-color packaging. There is also a freestanding display for point-of-purchase sales. The display has removable/changeable copy statements for added interest.


This intelligent packaging is designed for point of purchase sales. Each side has a specific sales purpose. The front graphics are designed to attract attention and sell like a billboard. The sides are photo rich so buyers can see the light in use, and the rear has details to entice even the most discriminating buyer.

The packaging encourages buyers to pick up a light from the display and personally see it's benefits. This provides them with a hands-on experience that stimulates sales.

The PODLight will generate sales in a wide variety of marketplaces including, hardware, automotive, professional tradesman, recreation, consumer, convenience, department and retail.

A must-have product for both professional and consumer use, the PODLight family generates excellent sales and profit.

The PODLight & MiniPOD are excellent for point-of-purchase sales
Click here to see a PDF showing our packaging.

Rep and whole inquiries are welcome.

Call (888) 576-4737 or e-mail today for wholesaler or sales rep. qualifications and information on our PODLight WD program.

Lujan USA has territories available for independent sales reps, please click here to e-mail our WD sales manager.

Lujan USA has a unique marketing opportunity available for high volume resellers. Our private labeling program can work as a mini billboard for your company. Please click here for information on our private labeling program.

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