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The SNIPER Optical Headlight Aimer
Headlight Aiming Made Easy...

The SNIPER is engineered to take into consideration all of the little things that make your job easier and more profitable. Like all Lujan USA equipment, it simply makes more money for you!

The SNIPER has many advantages over other optical headlight aimers.

Accurately aims all headlights including:

• Aerodynamic
• Sealed beam
• Euro style
• Composite

• Contoured
• Foglamps
• Recessed
• 4 WD & SUV
Built-in, laser guided floor slope measurement
Sniper optical headlight aimer • Permanently mounted laser provides fast, accurate floor slope measurement
• Easy access for battery change
• Laser provides optional means for positioning aimer to headlight

Comes complete, no batteries, adapters, or mast extenders needed
Sniper 5405's linear alignment system aligns the aimer quickly and accurately to the vehicle
Exclusive design has many advantages:
• Glare-free optics can be used in any lighting condition
• Over 6’ wide viewing range, no floor track needed
Not affected by dirt, dust, or overspray
• Fully adjustable for any height user
• Simple field calibration
• Hairline sighting, like a gun sight
• Accurate within .1 degree
• Non-reversible visor protects calibration integrity

Sniper optical headlight aimer

Click here to look through visor


Sniper 5412b's laser linear alignment system is even faster and easier to use

Exclusive laser design has many advantages:
• Laser line is easier to see and align than any other system
• Eliminates need for floor track
Not affected by dirt, dust, or overspray
• Does not need to be adjusted for user height
• Faster because laser line can be viewed from any angle
• Accurate within .1 degree

• Automatic shutoff saves batteries
• Non-reversible visor protects calibration integrity

Click here to see laser in operation


Full 2 year warranty on all Sniper 5412 models and 1 year on 5405 models (laser batteries excluded).
The SNIPER is designed and manufactured with the tough environment of an auto repair shop in mind, it's rugged metal base, mast, and aimer head provide years of reliable service.
Exclusive aiming screen with beam slope compensation
Sniper optical headlight aimer • Exclusive design has built-in compensation for high mounted lights such as 4wd pickups & SUV’s
• Inspection limits clearly shown on full width of screen
• Domestic and European aiming, including new xenon lights
• 1” scale for inspections
Unlike other optical headlight aimers, the SNIPER does not require a floor track
Retractable pointer positioning system
• Allows fast, easy positioning to the headlight
Sniper optical headlight aimer
Fast operation provides more profit, test headlight aim in less than 5 minutes

Sniper optical headlight aimer

Floor slope calibration system

• Provides fast, easy, multi-bay use on varied floor pitches
• Accurate within .05 degree of floor slope variation

Compact design saves shop space Sniper optical headlight aimer
Exclusive tilting base design allows the Sniper to be easily tilted on two wheels, like a hand truck, to move from bay to bay
Simple operation
Even lube shop personnel can accurately use the SNIPER.
Precision ground, polished optical glass lens
Sniper optical headlight aimer • Creates clear, accurate, beam patterns

No electronics, means no batteries, no power cords, no costly software upgrades, no programming, no adapters, no chargers, and no breakdowns.

The SNIPER does not use complicated electronics which are prone to failure from moisture, dust, and rough handling typical in most repair shop environments.

Heavy-duty mast for cars and trucks
• Accuracy and calibration are protected with a heavy-duty metal mast
Aims high headlights such as 4wd trucks (up to 58”) without adapters or mast extenders

Durable nylon/rubber wheels

• Large, durable rubber/nylon wheels roll easily on uneven floor surfaces
• Oversize 5/8" axle is built to last!

Sniper optical headlight aimer

Meets SAE standards J599 and J600 as required for state inspection facilities

Locking mechanism
Sniper optical headlight aimer • Unique design locks on the corner of the mast instead of the sides
• This exclusive design provides accuracy and durability by removing all side to side play in aimer head
Reinforced base maintains integrity of aimer
5/8" steel reinforcement provides the strength for long term reliability.
UPS shippable in one carton
Easy assembly requiring only a few simple steps
Competitive comparisons
Contact us today for more information on how the SNIPER can help your business
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