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Changing the PODLight battery pack

The PODLight features long lasting rechargeable batteries. However, even rechargeable batteries wear out over time and need to be replaced.

These instruction explain how to replace the batteries. Click on any photo for a larger image.

The PODLight version can be identified by the label in the rear of the light. The original PODlight has no number with it. Newer versions can be identified by the label as PODLight 2.0, PODLight 3.0...

All versions

Remove black retaining plugs from rubber handle by prying up with screw driver.

All versions

Remove rubber handle. This is made easier by lifting edge of rubber housing then twisting the rubber housing at the hexagon end of the housing while pulling off.

If you have difficulty removing the rubber housing. Lifting the edge and putting a small amount of water under the rubber housing will lubricate it and make it easier to remove.

Be sure to dry any water before reassembling.

All versions

Remove the single screw that locks the polycarbonate lens.

Version 2.0 and newer

Remove yellow end cap buy prying two yellow plugs from the cap.

Remove two screws from back of flashlight reflector and carefully remove the reflector.

All versions

Slide the black housing out of the clear lens about 6" until all four screws in the black housing are exposed.

The led board will move with the housing. Pull straight out and be careful not to break the circuit board.

All versions

Remove the four screws holding the black nylon battery housing together.

Open housing.

All versions

Unplug the battery pack from the circuit board. Be sure to note the wire position.

Transfer the padding from the old battery to the new battery. The padding keeps the battery tight in the housing. A small piece of foam can be substituted if needed.

Plug the battery into the circuit board and position as shown in photo. The best wire routing is shown in photos. Wires should run in between individual batteries. Be sure that no wires are pinched under battery pack or at either end of battery pack.

Reassemble light by reversing order of battery removal.

Be sure that no wires are pinched during re-assembly.

All versions

Just in case you forgot to check the wire position.

The battery wire plugs in to the far right plug when the LEDs are facing you. The black wire should be above the red wire.

Please dispose of used battery pack according to state, local, and federal regulations.
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